Complete the Rotavirus Vaccination Series in Just 2 Oral Doses1,2

Dosing schedule for ROTARIX

ROTARIX dosing schedule infographic
ROTARIX dosing schedule infographic

The liquid formulation follows the same dosing schedule as the lyophilized formulation vaccination series1

  • Fewer doses: Only 2 doses administered 4 weeks apart to complete the series1-3
  • Flexible timing of administration: The lyophilized formulation can be used up to 24 hours after mixing1
  • Dose volume: 1-mL volume per dose of lyophilized formulation or 1.5-mL volume per dose of liquid formulation1

Important Dosing Information 

  • Administer the first dose to infants beginning at 6 weeks of age1
  • There should be an interval of at least 4 weeks between the first and second dose1
  • The 2-dose series should be completed by 24 weeks of age1
  • In the event that the infant spits out or regurgitates most of the vaccine dose, a single replacement dose may be considered at the same vaccination visit